3-5 Language Arts/Humanities 3-5 Math/Science 4-8 Broadcast Journalism 4-8 Documentary
6-12 Unity in Action Documentary or Narrative Film 6-8 Language Arts/Humanities 6-8 Math/Science 9-12 Broadcast Journalism
9-12 Documentary 9-12 Language Arts/Humanities 9-12 Math/Science K-12 Environmental Services PSA
K-12 Public Service Announcement K-2 Cross Curricular K-5 Unity in Action PSA Teacher
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Special Achievement Awards

"Amazing Africa"
Special Achievement Award - Set Design
Turtleback Elementary
Poway Unified
Teacher: Melissa Marshall
Students: Class Production

Special Achievement Award - Technical Animation
Poway High
Poway Unified
Teacher: Roger Dohm
Students: Nathan G., Ryan M.

"Courage & Hope"
Special Achievement Award - Directing
Wilson Middle
San Diego Unified
Teacher: Mary Horsley
Students: Class Production

"Dr McAwesome"
Special Achievement Award - Comedy
Pershing Middle
San Diego Unified
Teacher: Nicole Buchanan
Students: Jordan R., Mark F., Natasha Z., Shannen A.

"Fires - The Olsen Family"
Special Achievement Award - Photo Journalism
Carlsbad High
Carlsbad Unified
Teacher: Doug Green
Students: Max M., Darren S.

"Making a Difference"
Special Achievement Award - Writing
Del Dios Middle
Escondido Union Elementary
Teacher: Michael de Neve
Students: Carmen M., Viri Nu., Edith V., Mauren G., Alyna A., Alexa D.

"SC9 Today's News"
Special Achievement Award - Visual Effects
Shoal Creek Elementary
Poway Unified
Teacher: Mrs. Megan Power

"School House News"
Special Achievement Award - Comedy
L. R. Green Elementary
Escondido Union Elementary
Teacher: Kim Buhler
Students: Cassidy M.,Dustin P.,Victoria O., Spencer P., Tyler W., Neeta L., Madison R.

Special Achievement Award - Animated Story Telling
Mission Hills High
San Marcos Unified
Teacher: Jud Bordman
Students: Ross M., Chris C., Roxanne B., Emily N.

"Shrinking Student"
Special Achievement Award - Acting
Sage Canyon
Del Mar Union Elementary
Teacher: Janese Swanson
Students: Nathan R., Milan C., Kyle B., Hunter R., Achinthya S.

Special Achievement Award – Writing
Felicita Elementary
Escondido Union Elementary
Teacher: Lebrac Fletes
Students: Class Production

"Yes, You Can! Writing a Great Personal Narrative Essay!"
Special Achievement Award - Acting
Rock Springs Elementary
Escondido Union Elementary
Teacher: Courtney Simson
Students: Celeste S., Mercedes P., Brie D., Linda A., Natalia G., Gianna T.

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